Cubase 12 license no seat

hello everyone

I activated my cubase 12 about 2 months ago and every thing was ok, until I changed my Motherboard, CPU and some other hardwares and, re-instal windows 11.

I re-activated cubase and it was working fine just for one day.
The second day, it needed activation again and I did so and the next time I opened Cubase it said I have to activate the license again but this time I couldn’t, because no empty seat for my licenses had remained.

I can’t deactivate previous licenses because I don’t access to previous PC and on the new PC after two times activation, I can’t see any active license in license manager yet.

I submitted a support ticket via “my steinberg” but after 4 days nobody replied me.

Please help me. what can I do to discard previous licenses in order to be able to activate Cubase 12 again.

Best wishes for every one

nobody has similar experience ?