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I have a problem with my license. When I bought the sound card it included cubase AI which I have gradually updated to cubase 12. but when I activate the last update I am still running a temporary 30 day license Cubase Elements 12 Update from 11 and older ( Not yet activated ) but when I want to activate with the activation code it still says it cannot be activated. I’ve been struggling with this for three days and the result is that I have four registered elicensers on my account and the Cubase Elements 11 Update from Cubase Elements update tells me that someone else is using it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Cubase AI is not Cubase Elements. Either update your Cubase AI 11 to AI 12, or buy an upgrade from AI 11 to Elements 12. Depends, if you want to have Cubase AI 12 or Elements 12.

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ok. i own all licenses just update from A1 to elements 10.5 then to elements 11 and elements 12

I purchased the following licenses
1 sound card purchased with Cubase AI
2 Cubase Elements 10.5 Upgrade from Cubase LE/AI
2 Cubase Elements 11 Upgrade from Cubase Elements
3 Cubase Elements 12 Update from Cubase Elements

I tried to upload the licenses one by one, but it doesn’t work. I can only use cubase 12 AI or cubase 12 elements. But I can’t activate either of them at the moment.


As far as I know, there is a dedicated update from Elements 11 to Elements 12. The other update is from Elements 10.5 and below. Please make sure, you took the right update.

was correct because cubase11 elements worked without a problem. If you want I can email you all the key screenshots