Cubase 12 licensing limit and Steinberg Team

Hello all!!

Support team doesn’t answer my ticket, so I will try to get some info here…

What are you doing with Cubase 12 licensing limit? I installed Cubase 12 in my two iMacs (studio and home) and my MacBook. For other reasons I made two fresh installation on two of them and now I can not install Cubase 12, it says that I have reached the limit and there is no way to deactivate old installations.

I opened a ticket but nobody answers… So I can’t work with two machines :frowning:

Honestly, I don’t understand a licensing system that punish users so long. What if in a rush?. With eLicenser this had never happened.

Plugin-Alliance plugins uses a similar licensing system but you can deactivate machines in your personal account place on their website. Why Steinberg deleted this feature from MySteinberg area in the website?

I use Cubase from SX3, and have never been so deeply insatisfied like now.



You can deactivate the “seat” from the valid and activated computer. So if you would deactivate your Cubase license before the system reinstallation, you could use this seat afterwards.

Now, you have to get in contact with the Steinberg (local) support and wait until they release your seat(s). Sorry…

Hi David,

I have reset your activations.

All the best,


Because the computer that previously activated the software license is missing, the license cannot be revoked in the activation manager at this time. When I activate it again on another computer, it indicates that the activation time has reached the maximum, making the software unusable. Can you ask for help to solve this problem. My ID: Thank you, administrator

Hello Matthias, could you please reset my activations too, please.
Again and again I get two activations although I have only one PC with Cubase 12 installed. Yesterday it happened again after I pushed the power switch by chance with my foot while Cubase was running After that again there were two activations in My Steinberg account. One starts with f and the other with 2.
I think this activation manager needs to get improved.
Anton Martin


Hello Stein Berg team
Please manage licenses via the site without resorting to customer service such as Waves, for example. If your computer dies, you can deactivate via the site

I don’t know why all this complication

Thank you and all respect to you


Thanks Matthias

I had the notification email about your answer in spam, so I have just seen it.

I thought it was ‘magically’ solved but obviously, not.

Many thanks again