Cubase 12 Licensing - Same Laptop, 2 users with 2 Licences. Anything to watch out for?

As per title. My iron-lung cousin has a laptop at a place where we both work. Before 12, each one carried their dongle, and we both worked on the same laptop at different times since we have a license each. Right now, each one has Cubase 12 already activated on our desktops. At this point, does it make a difference if we log in and out with our personal information on the laptop or not? I understand that with future purchases, our licenses might begin to differ, but right now, is there a specific reason to log in and out when wanting to use 12? We don’t even have separate user accounts set up in windows, we’re just using his.

I don’t see how it could, aside from what you said about differing future licenses.

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