Cubase 12 list of bugs I found


1.- Randomly, when one is in the MIDI editor, changing notes with the up/down arrows, sometimes it stops working and Cubase detects such movements as if we were in the arrange instead of in the MIDI editor. This has been happening since many Cubase versions ago.

2.- Auto-Save is not working properly since version 12 or so it seems, especially it is noticeable every time there is a freeze/crash of the project…

3.- sometimes randomly, some instruments stop playing, it has happened to me a few times but it does happen, and the only way to solve it is to reopen the project, there are times when it is necessary to reload the instrument.

4.- sometimes an instrument sounds out of tune (it has also happened to me very few times) and it is enough to stop the project and play it again.

5.- some presets saved in cubase for some plugin, are not displayed when you try to load or search them.