Cubase 12 - looks like the old memory leak like C10.5

Installed C12 today. I install went great, license autho, everything was easy and as advertised.

I opened up a song from yesterday done on C11.0.41. Uh oh, the CPU meter is going up and down erratically and peaking out in spots. The same thing occurred in Cubase 10.5, and it turned out to be a memory leak. This looks just like that. I went back to C11 and CPU usage is fine, not jumping around.


Similar issues here.

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I see a lot of people having similar issues not just on Mac but Windows as well. ASIO guard issues (ugh, I thought we were done with that, I haven’t used it in a while), and CPU spikes with only a few tracks. Playback stopping and clicks and noises. Not cool.

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