Cubase 12 - Loses Connection to Mac Wireless Mouse

Since C12 (and the 0.1 update) I sometimes lose connection to the mouse. The mouse is still working with other apps and I can still use the mouse to open the Cubase menu. On my extended keyboard I also lose the ability to use the arrow keys and the numpad. Cubase is till responding to keyboard commands such as zoom but I just can’t navigate around.

When in the project window the mouse cursor does change its icon status e.g. pan tool, draw tool, track separator etc but Cubase is not acting upon the left or right buttons. When I hover the mouse over an object, I still get tooltips.

This does not happen in C11 and it looks like I will have to go back to it as it is very stable. I’m on Monterey 12.3 on a late 2015 iMac with an additional Benq monitor.

Same here on Win 11 with C12 and the 0.2 update.
Only C12 does not response to the mouse. Everything else works normally.
Here’s my workaraound:
I close one of the open windows (usually the channel settings) with STRG+W and C12 is back to normal.


Just a side note, Ctrl+W is mapped to Close window by default. This is not Factory Key Command.

Hi Martin,

you are right, Strg+W is a Windows default.