Cubase 12/MacBook 2022 newbie

Hi all!! I’m new to using Cubase with MacBook. Granted, I’ve quickly found out that if this were my Windows machine, it would’ve died with all the tracks I’ve recorded. But now I’ve run into a new issue… which let to new issues. I use a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 for audio, and I play pianos & organs from a USB Uno interface (from M-Audio), and Nectar Impact 61, respectively. So today I set up to record a cover of Trans Siberian Orchestra’s song ‘Believe’. I hooked everything up, clicked on Cubase icon, then got a message about the new audio interface detected; so, instead of using built in audio, I used the one that said USB Audio(2). First thing, I noticed my send effects & everything, while I was playing & singing simultaneously, what I HEARD, was all lined up through headphones, as I was recording. But, when I turned around and SAW what was recorded, I was blown away. The audio and midi were out of synch. The audio recorded a few seconds later than my midi recording. So, I talked to a friend, & he said that Mac uses core audio and not ASIO. I can’t find ANYTHING about CoreAudio on this machine. While I listened to playback under the ‘USB Audio’ driver, everything was smoothly playing back, although out of synch. When I switched to the ‘Built In Audio’ driver, I’ll hear these random clicks on everything, even when not recording. Like… hit a note, and I hear ‘tatatatatatatata’ mixed in with the audio I hear. I hope someone can make sense out of this and help. Sure, I could record the tracks separately with no issues, but I’d really like to try recording the vocals and midi vst at the same time. Thanks in advance!!

Are the MIDI notes lined up with the audio track or not ?

The midi notes aren’t lined up with the audio.

Then line everything up… If the MIDI is on the grid already, just grab the audio and line it up.

I think that’s what happens when using multiple audio interfaces at once, but the audio getting recorded “a few seconds later” than the midi is still mind blowing. This is not just regular latency. There’s a problem with your configuration for sure, but I’m not on Mac so I won’t be able to help you on this :worried:

Also, nice tastes, Trans-Siberian Orchestra :wink:

Yay!!! I figured it out! In Studio Settings, down under advanced options, there’s a setting for record shift. It was set to some crazy negative number… like -97245 or something wild like that. I remember pressing my trackpad by accident and the numbers showing up. Very weird. So… on a whim tonight after midnight I figured it out… I just pressed the reset button above advanced options to see what would happen. Record shift set back to ‘0’, I tried recording again, using my xbox controller to test… and boom. It’s fixed! No delay!! Woohoo!

What in the world :joy:
Hopefully you figured this out, I’ve never thought this could be the cause since this isn’t something users would tweak unless needed.

Like I said… fat fingered it. :joy_cat: