Cubase 12 Media Bay prehear Bug?

I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 12 on my windows 10 and I can’t prehear any audio file from the Media Bay, but when I import the file on the project window, everything works smoothly.
I use the control room function as I use in the previous version 11 of Cubase, and everything works, but with this new update Mediabay is “muted”.

Disabling the control room and assigning the same Control room Monitor out to the stereo Out Bus allow to play correctly the files from the Media bay, but when I re enable the control room (with the same settings I had on the previous Cubase 11 versions) Make the mediabay as it was “muted”.

This strange behaviour comes with a further quirks. If I play a file (looped )from the mediabay with the Control room disabled so I can hear correctly the file, and then suddenly I enable the control room, I can hear the file from the Monitor section as expected, but If I choose another file from the Media bay then the following file is not played on the monitor even if the media bay is still playing the file.
Again with the Cubase 11 everything worked flawless with the same settings
Any suggestion??? Thanks