Cubase 12 meters

in Cubase 12 there are two meters that show either the input or the output signals. One meter is next to the fader, the other can be activated in the upper part of the mixer.
I would like to see the input signal on the upper meter and the output on the meters next to the faders.
Is that possible? This would be great.
Best wishes

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Unless I’m mistaken, you cannot do this. The meter positions are global.

Thank you for this quick reply.
I thought so too. But wouldn’t that bei a great feature?

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It would! You can edit your post from the little pencil next to the title and add the “feature request” tag.

I can’t test right now because I’m not at my Cubase PC, but I don’t know whether each one of the 4 mixconsoles can have its own metering, or if the metering is global among all 4 of them. That could be a workaround if it works, but having two mixconsoles open kind of defeats the purpose.