Cubase 12 Midi remote bug - stream deck

I did a simple Stream Deck transport template using loopmidi as Midi port.
I use the standard streamdeck midi plug-in
When the script is on, keyboard shortcuts such as " * " (record) are double-triggered, so as soon as I hit the * button, record turns off. It behaves as if he keyboard was sending the command twice.
StreamDeck MIDI in is turned off.
Any clue?

Have you tried sideshowFX templates. They seem to still work with Pro 12 although i believe you have to re-install the Steamdeck template again. Looks very good with nice icons etc. I m looking to purchase the StreamDeck XL soon with the Sideshow template.

I wasn’t aware of this template. I will look at it, thanks!

No problem, it looks so good that I am looking to purchase the StreamDeck XL as a result of seeing thier templates

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Sideshowfx Cubase template… It works wonderful. Great time saver… You won’t always need to mouse to operate saving a lot of clicks. Much faster workflow