Cubase 12 MIDI Remote Devices missing functions

It seems Generic Remote will be discontinued, and MIDI Remote Devices will replace it.

Now, my problem with this is that it doesn’t contains every function and command that I’d like to use.
I made a custom build controller that a few of my friends owns and uses too.

  • It has signal leds that I fed with Generic Remote’s Meter All (Cue 1-4), but MIDI Remote Devices doesn’t have it
  • It has a few buttons for Metronome: ClickOnPlayback, ClickOnRecord… I really miss them from MIDI Remote Devices

Just please confirm that the command/function list will be extended to all the functions Generic Remote has had… soon I’m gonna develop another controller device, but MIDI Remote Devices has some limitations in functions


There are meters in the MIDI Remote. They are available for the MixerChannels.

Via MIDI Remote, you can reach any Cubase command (all the Key Commands). How do you find it in the Generic Remote, please? This is the hint, how to find it in the MIDI Remote.

Hi, thanks for the reply!

  • In Generic Remote I used VST Control Room → Cue 1 → Meter All for getting its meter values (same with the other Cues)
    In MIDI Remote’s Function Browser, there is NO Meter All, or other Meter function in
    Function Browser → Control Room → Cue → Channel 1
    The only Meters available are Selected Track → Meter All, and MixConsole → Output → Chanel → Meter All
  • the two Metronome buttons are located in Generic Remote as:
    Metronome → Device → tickInRecord
    Metronome → Device → tickInPlayback
    Unfortunately MIDI Remote’s Function Browser doesn’t contains these commands. I tried to search as the words above, as metronome, as tick, also as click.

Hope I didn’t miss anything. If so, please let me know :slight_smile:


You are right. I cannot find them neither.

Thanks for checking!

Could it be possible that a future Cubase update gonna contain these commands?
(or all the commands now Generic Remote has)


Add the optional feature-request tag, please.

@skijumptoes , come on then do your best


Cubase 13 just came out, but none of the mentioned functions have been implemented in MIDI Remote Devices. (Control Room Cue meters, Metronome ClickOnPlayback, ClickOnRecord)
Furthermore, these Metronome-buttons work no more in Generic Remote…
I designed a MIDI Control Room controller, that I have selled a couple, and now with Cubase 13 there are buttons and leds on it, that cannot work in case of any addressing.
Please help, these were useful functions in Generic Remote, and now I have a device that is not fully functrional, because of Cubase 13.

Also I cannot continue designing, while MIDI Remote Devices is half-finished in Cubase 12 and 13.

Thank you in advance!

I often use Dual Pan Mode. With Remote API I can pan only left channel. When you implement something like this for the right channel? Also I want to control only channels that shown in MixConsole, only tracks in left\center or right section…