Cubase 12 - MIDI Remote - MIDI Tracks not Responding

I set up a remote panel for my Yamaha Montage 6, and it works fine with any parameter set to an audio track, but MIDI track parameters are not responding to my knobs, and VST windows need to be open for the QC to respond to the remote. Is this by design?

It seems that the new MIDI remote function in C12 works for MIDI Instrument Tracks, but not for MIDI tracks (eg. when you create separate MIDI track and VST track). In other words if you select a MIDI Instrument Track it will use the track focus to drive the instrument controls (eg. QC’s) of the plugin. This also works if you select a VST track (for other controls). But if you select the matching MIDI track, you will have to use plugin focus (ie. open the plugin window and make sure that top right square is blue) for it to follow remote MIDI commands.
This clearly is NOT the behavior we would like… Not sure whether it’s a bug or a “feature”…

This is unfortunate. I’m back to using the Mackie Control setup in the legacy remote scheme…

…unless you use Instrument tracks…

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This cost me a couple of hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t get track quick controls to work - as I needed to vary some CC’s direct to a VST that had no quick controls (Aria).
After assessing the situation and realizing that I can’t be crazy, finally I searched the forums.

If SB at some point removes the old-style quick control option (as they’ve indicated, they’re deprecating it) then they ought consider modifying the new midi remote to work with direct track quick controls.

Primarily, some VSTs will accept specific CC controls but don’t publish any worthwhile? that a VST host can see. (Aria/SFZ player).