Cubase 12 Midi-Remote response bugs (CC38 Channel 2)


I’d like to report some issues I encountered while using Midi-Remote with different midi-controllers.

When I press a Midi Control Change Button it is being recognized in “Edit Midi Controller Surface” page, but later in “MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant” window it doesn’t respond at all.

The Midi Controller I use:
Novation - LaunchPad Mini Mk3
Button Configuration:
(CC Number: 38, On Value: 127, Off Value: 0, Pad Mode: Momentary, MIDI Channel: 2)

Note: CC number 37 or 39 work just fine.

I also faced similar kind of issues with other midi controllers such as Arturia KeyLab49 Mk2. I had to remap some of the midi out commands to send different CCs of my midi controllers. I can’t remember what they were exactly, because I changed them.

If it’s a bug, please confirm. Thanks

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I just spent this morning mapping up controllers and I ran into this exact same thing.
On 2 different MIDI controllers I tried assigning midi CC 38 and it just wont work. Cubase wont accept it no matter what.
I tried this in my javascript for my controllers and it just refuses to listen to it.


I didn’t try it myself, but this might be because CC#38 is used for RPN / NRPN LSB.

I personnaly don’t use CC #6, 38 98 and 99 to make sure i don’t get interference with NRPNs.



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This is really solid advice actually. But it’d be nice to have them available somehow. It totally messed up my nice sequence of 1 thru 61 on my big faderfox :smiley: