Cubase 12 Midi Remote: Show active mapping

Hello everyone,
I am playing with the new Midi remote editor and i have to say it’s quite fantastic.
I’m currently trying to setup a fader box (for now it’s made in open stage control, but this should apply to any fader box) with 3 different mappings:

  • Mapping 1 : Volume control for the N channels in the bank
  • Mapping 2: Send Slot 1 Level for the N channels in the bank
  • Mapping 3: All the Send slots on the selected channel

Aside not being able to switch banks (but admittedly i didn’t do any research for this), The 3 configurations are working. I also assigned buttons to switch mappings. Great.

But the problem now is: if i close the midi remote editor and start fiddling around, how do i know which is the CURRENT mapping without moving the faders and try to guess what it will do next? Is there a way to display the name of the current mapping in a really obvious place without having to open the remote editor?

First thing that comes to mind is editing the mapping .js file to send a string with the config name somewhere and display it. But i’d like to hear suggestions about this.

Hope this makes sense


Yes, this makes perfectly sense.

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