Cubase 12 Midi Remote toggle function not working

I’ve been trying to apply the toggle function to some of my surface controllers buttons, and no matter what I try, I cannot get it to work.
Is anyone else having the same issues?
The controller is Arduino based, so I have full control of the outputs to Cubase, whether that be CC / note on/ velocity, etc, but no variation of the above makes any difference.
Incidentally the same function in the Generic Remote works perfectly.
Is it just a bug in the Cubase code, or am I missing something obvious?


Do you use the Mapping Assistant or do you write the JavaScript?

Does the button send Release value (0) once you release it? Does the button always send 127 value or does it toggle 0/127? Which parameter do you want to asign?

Hi Martin,
I am using the mapping assistant. The button sends a note on (127) value (in it’s default state).
I’ve tried it with a number of assignments for example, the activate effect and bypass effect on a number of stock plugins, including Frequency 2 and Maximiser.
I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Any one any ideas about this?


Set the type to toggle in the Mapping Assistant, please.

Hi Martin,
I have been setting the type to toggle in the mapping assistant all along, but no matter how hard I try, it does not work for me.
Any advice on this?


had the same problem with the toogle function - didn’t work with a hardware controller (AKAI). Instead of the functions I used the key commands on the buttons, that worked in my case (e.g. loop function on/off or Rewind on/off,…).

Perhaps this workaround helps also for your use-case.