Cubase 12 MIDI to VSTi sometimes not working

Cubase 12.0.50 on mac OS 11.7.1 MacBook Pro 2019 with MOTU Ultralite mk3-hybrid

that were the steps I did:
New Vsti Track > Padshop
Record some MIDI (played and sounded fine)
playback MIDI (no sound on instrument)

countercheck: see midi (not muted), click on one note > sounds, play keyboard live > sounds, playback > no sound
Edit: in fact it’s not only no sound, it’s as if the MIDI notes wouldn’t get sent to Padshop (when I look at the instrumnet the keys do not get pressed during playback)

I had this fenomenon before with other VSTis (steinberg & no steinberg) and Cubase 12.

In fact I had another thread where something similar happened with HALION SOnic SE, there the problem was that the option > DiskStreaming options were full disk, but I don’t see a similar option in padshop…
but I guess this isn’t the issue here… no clue if it’s a bug or not, but certainly seems like that

EDIT PD: after some changes in other tracks and other instruments (no change in padshop track), padshop suddenly does playback… what a glitch!!!

EDIT PPD: now to something similar with Fabfilter:
new instrument, play around some notes to the whole track (playing fine) then hitting record and sound gone, instrument doesn’t sound anymore, even not through the virtual keyboard, even not after changing sounds, even not after changing instrument… but then I switch to another instrument, play some notes, come back and instrument sounds

So what I can evaluate until now, is that when it hangs, you have to switch instrument play around and come back… smells like a bug to me…

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