Cubase 12 MIDI track Inspector doesn’t list all sounds from my s90ES as it did before

Hi all. I have been using my Yamaha S90ES keyboard as an external instrument for sounds that I really love with Cubase for years. After the upgrade to Cubase 12 however when I set up a MIDI channel, the Inspector doesn’t list the different sound banks and patches as it did with Cubase 10. I can play MIDI files and hear them back, but only general MIDI sounds 1-128. I tried downloading the latest Yamaha driver and VST remote files as recommended by AI, but I wound up getting lost making connections. I’m not sure if this is the right approach anyway, since I never had to do anything special to get Cubase to recognize and list the sound banks and patches with previous versions. Seems like I always wind up giving up and figuring out work arounds with Cubase anymore. I’m thinking about chnging to a simpler more reliable DAW. Any suggestions?

Have you added the S90ES in the MIDI Device Manager?

Menu: Studio | More options | MIDI Device Manager
See also here: Installing Preset MIDI Devices

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Hi Mr. Soundman!

Thanks so much for your kind reply and helpful suggestion.

I did have the Yamaha S90ES device listed and available as a device already added. After playing around with multipel settings I was ultimately somehow able to get Cubase 12 to allow this to be associated with a MIDI track and its audio track to hear the sounds.

Of course solving one problem always leads to another with Cubase. Now when I play the S90ES certain notes trigger MIDI shortcuts for some reason, like D above middle C triggering a change to the next sound patch, the F# below middle C triggering a pop up, and another key triggering the looping function on the transport. I’ve tried to reset a few things but nothing seems to work to stop the triggering of functions while I play. Any suggesions for this one?


Sounds like the keyboard is being picked up by something using Mackie protocol from somewhere in your midi settings?
There is a PDF that lists all of the Mackie note triggers/strokes and the different values for some of the Daws that have them configured.
You can search for Mackie Protocol…you can check the notes against what actions are being triggered
Or if you’re happy clicking and use google , here’s a link to the PDF google drive throws out

If you scroll to the bottom of the PDF there is a permalink to a more readable version suplied by Midibox. Anyhow, if the actions match you can start asking how to get a solution. Hope this helps.


Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post with your recommendations. I’ll check this out.

I ultimately fixed this problem by resetting Cubase 12 during startup when prompted to completely restore to factory defaults in a pop-up that did not always come up when I started the program before. This wiped my hub clean, but I was able to load my previous template and other projects from saved files. Somehow the MIDI reset and I still had the S90 as an added device with its patch list intact and functional. Hope this helps someone with similar problems.

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Hi again all…

So I thought that I had fixed the problem of Cubase 12 not recognizing the entire patch list from my Yamaha S90ES when I assigned it to a MIDI track, but alas it was not to be…

Now the entire list does come up when the MIDI output is assigned through my Steinberg UR22 interface, but no sounds can be played. When I change the MIDI output to Yamaha S90ES, the output from the keyboard does generate sound, but only the GM 1-128 patches come up and are not listed in the inspector.

I really love the sounds/voices that my S90ES generates even now compared to newer virtual instruments that are available. The complete patch list is there. How can I get Cubase to work with it?

You could try, in the MIDI Device Manager, removing the S90ES and installing it again. There you can also set the MIDI port it is connected to (bottom right).

Hi Mr. Soundman .Thanks again for your quick reply. I had to fiddle around with the audio connections and choose another S90ES from the dropdown menu in the MIDI output (rather than the UR RT2 listing) but all is well again. I’m back in business! Thank you SO MUCH!