Cubase 12 - Multiple Tracks Export Error

Issue :

When exporting multiple tracks with the option CSPM, the effect send on individual tracks/groups don’t get exported if the main group is selected.

So to recreate this issue, assign a track output to a group. Use the sends on the group for FX. Name your group as whatever XYZ. Now add a new group track to this track and let’s call it ABC. When exporting multiple tracks (with other groups), I selected ABC group through CSPM and exported with a couple of other tracks.

In C11, visually it would show the solo button being turned on and then the next track. Now the visual representation is not there, which is fine, but ABC doesn’t export the sends which is on XYZ which used to happen properly on C11. EQ, Compression, Inserts and going through the Master Bus processing is happening but for some reason, the AUX sends are not getting soloed with the track. Happens with the sends on XYZ or any individual track going to another group. Tried with keeping the auxes on solo safe mode as well.

Anyone else facing this?

Image for assignment reference
C12 export issue

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