Cubase 12 multitouch support

Hello. Does anyone have information on whether Cubase 12 will have support for multitouch -touchscreen monitors? Or it will still be a condition if we want multidotouch support that we have to buy Raven, which is not very ok.


You won’t find any information like that until it is released

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so… cubase 12 is out… any news regarding multitouch?

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No. It does still not support it.

I’m still waiting for this feature since I don’t know when… Possibly Cubase 7.5. Dear Steinberg, please make us all multi-touch afficionados happy for once :smiley:


I agree but there is a lot better way to do workflow…ts is a small part but its too fatiguing for most functions. I found the raven concept just didnt work like muscle memory//knobs etc but then again maybe you have some magic that is unknown to the rest of us :slight_smile:
It is a nice idea but in reality…

I have been trying ‘Gesture’ and there were a couple of other utils that seem useful but are out of circ now

In reality, it works extremely well. I’ve been working on a PQ labs 42" Mutitouch screen I built into a console at a 45 degree angle(actually adjustable to any degree you want) for years using a 3rd party overlay. But as you say, I guess not many felt it would be a viable solution as that 3rd party has now seized to exist. The last version they supported was cubase 11 which I’m still on. Drawing in automation is a breeze, excels at mixing, and the macros I’ve created make quick work of most functions. I love it and still work through sessions effortlessly. So if Cubase at some point introduced multitouch, even if for the mixer, I would start using version 12 and drop the overlay. As it is, I’m stuck with 11.


still no news ? every other daw has multitouch in the mixer so you can grab multiple faders and move them as you wish, even fruity loops… common steinberg make this happen please!

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This seems like a must have to me, and many others.

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Seriously, not a word from anyone at Steinberg regarding this?!?