Cubase 12 must include these features

Smart Autmation lanes: click any parameter on a vst and it creates a automation lane for that parameter below the track ( similar to FL Studio or S1) .

Drum editor; Get rid of beat designer and improve the drum editor with a new gui, note repeat, individual swing per lane(sample). Again similar to S1

Drag midi to media bay option for saving midi for future projects.

Presets for marker track.

Those are really the only features that would greatly improve my workflow.


I don’t know how it is in FL or S1, but in Cubase it is like that: right click on parameter

This is possible, you have to enable “reveal parameter on write” in automation panel settings. So in practice: hit write mode( i assigned that to W or it’s by default idk) move parameter and here it is.

I am not sure about media bay but you can drag midi part from cubase to explorer. In practice: Take midi event/part from cubase and drag and drop it to folder where you want to store it, it will retain event name too.

Not sure why you need this but the only way to store it is via XML preset from file menu, and recall it whenever, or make one project with several marker tracks settings/presets and import from project that could work i guess.


Please, add the feature-request tag.

Those are nice requests! In my case a new drum editor & drag midi to media bay will be great! Also…new media bay is necessary but I have the feeling that this will be one of the main features of cubase 12

I know you can do this things but if that was the case Stienberg could have stopped at version 9 and say hey guys you can already do almost everything so no new features or improved workflow. I think all my suggestions if done correctly would only improve cubase along with other features requested by other users.

I do hope when Cubase 12 appears that there are significant improvements and we are not just paying for a new licensing system.


It used to be possible to select outputs remotely (in Sx1). It would be expedient to be able to that again.

Honestly, if this isn’t there I won’t even upgrade to Cubase Pro 12. I won’t even consider it.


Especially since those of us who have multiple software products from Steinberg won’t benefit from this for at least another 1-2 years, and it’s going to cost us significantly to “buy” this “convenience.”

If the cornerstone product isn’t delivering value, I absolutely will not spend the money.

2022 is going to be a very frugal year, for me. No more software splurges.

Hello everyone, I would like to see in Cubase 12 such new features as in Pro Tools!, namely: 1) I really like this feature in Pro Tools, everything is on the fly, and fast! Convert Midi Tracks To Audio Tracks In Pro tools and vice versa from Audio Tracks to Midi How To Convert Midi Tracks To Audio Tracks In Pro tools - YouTube 2) TRACK FREEZE in Pro Tools where you can freeze almost the entire FX track and much more https: // They have been in Pro Tools for many years, and Cubase 12 also wants to have them. 3) I also think everyone is looking forward to it like in Nuendo Dolby Atmos!

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  1. Improve VariAudio 3 to do as in Melodyne Studio 5, just some functions, namely Pitch Drift tools, is a very good thing, especially when on long notes the vocalist either overstates or lowers the note, for the entire duration, and there is nothing to cut, it just aligns perfectly at once) )) Polyphonic Algorithm, this function is very often needed, especially when the guitarist played something wrong in the chord, the take is good, and you don’t want to rewrite everything because of one note, this mode would really help out))) Sibilant Balace Tool, also good thing, and most of all hunting, what would it be like in Melodyne, when you align a note, symbilants did not react to this, and did not sound with an artifact after alignment, although they can be cut off, as was done before in Melodyne, but they somehow fixed it !, it would be nice if you correct it too!))). And lastly, ReVoice Pro, you have a not bad phrase time aligner, but it would be even better if you did the pitch alignment like in ReVoice Pro 4! I think this is very important for many musicians, and if you do it in Cubase 12Pro, then I would be willing to pay the full amount for Cubase 12Pro without even upgrading at a discount!))). Looking forward to your reply, is it possible to do this in Cubase 12Pro?

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Midi send on instrument tracks.

Like a stuck record I have to put this on the list.


If you request this now it will at best appear in Cubase 13-14.

Well I’ve been requesting it since cubase 8 so I live in hope…

Ide rather have every parameter assignable to a CC first. There are still far to many controls in steingberg plugins that can’t be assigned.

Second, make it more like Digital Performer. Automation lanes are great, but I want to keep the CC association, And be able to use it as if it were a CC, and not automation.

I already do this be having a separate CC track, but that is cumbersome.

Yeah, my comment was more like abjection than finger waving so to speak. Mountains are made of stone and Steinberg is no exception. All these great requests and what comes to mind is that they say that glass is an amorphous solid which is a state somewhere between liquid and solid but it’s too slow for humans to notice haha. So I guess I was just typing out loud what I was thinking and then my finger hit the reply button. And Steinberg isn’t the only stonemountain and far from the worst, sooo … I should probably go to bed and wake up tomorrow with a smile on my face, right? :smiley:

Did they add it this time round? …