Cubase 12 needs a reboot after closing it

I’ve never has such a bad experience with cubase

Every time I close it it will not close down properly (I can see in open in the task manger in the lower section on windows 11 Task manager) and can not close it there
Its gone from the desktop as normal and the aiso driver can be used by other programs
If I restart cubase 12 then of course it can`t find the Audio Driver (UR44) and goes to windows generic
Only Cure a hard reboot

Can`t go back to 11
e Licencer no longer shows a valid cubase licence (Yellow Triangle)

Any one got any clues?


I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties with Cubase 12. I’m not familiar enough with Cubase to help with your start-up issues. However, the update process should still allow you to run Cubase 11.

What happens if you run the Maintenance or Recover processes in eLicenser Control Center?

Thanks for replying
Unable to run it at present due to traffic I think
It just times out

I am getting error logs which I`ve sent off


Now e- licenser dongle repaired
Cubase 11 fine again
Problem in 12 remains


Seems to have been caused by Fishman midi guitar dongle upsetting the settings transfer during 12 installation.
The odd thing is that it still works fine in both 11 and 12 if uninstalled , update to 12 then reinstalled