Cubase 12 - New MIDI remote feature - Inserts options?

The feature you are looking for is not yet implemented in MIDI Remote. You will have to keep using Generic Remote for this until they update the features.

Hopefully they are working diligently to bring updates within the next few months.

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The MIDI remote does not even detect my Transport buttons. I have an Arturia Keylab 88 and I cannot use the buttons at all


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Hi @Jochen_Trappe,

hope my above bickering didn’t hurt you in any way. I really like the whole idea, the concept of having a scripted representation (via abstraction layer) of a phys. MIDI controller surface. With all those who seem to have been able to get it running, it does indeed look great.

I’ve just decided to better remain quiet until I’ve read everything (!) about MIDI Remote. Yesterday I found it a bit hard to have it remember anything, although it did learn a couple of controller knobs, maybe I’m just too impatient… (using a Nektar Impact LX49+, and then I saw that the “+” doesn’t seem to be allowed to be part of a new edit’s name. Today I found a ready-made script for the same controller by another user, so I’m hoping to get hold of everything by looking inside it).


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I was just trying out a new communication strategy, no worries, I take all criticism very seriously even the rude ones. :joy:


Hi @Jochen_Trappe,

very sorry if what I’d written might’ve come across as rude.
My name’s really NOT “Rud-y”! :innocent:

Best Regards,

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Sorry, that was a misunderstanding. Rude was the comment of @redskyroad (“half-baked mess”)

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Sorry but as a Lemur touchscreen user, I have to say I’m still sticking with Generic Remote…Midi Remote still does not allow me assign direct MIDI faders such as modulation and expression and CC learning…

It’s so hard to differentiate between cultural and neurodivergent empathy differences, and rudeness.

It’s so difficult when you throw everything into something and achieve something so incredible as the new Midi Remote, and then have someone come along and be critical.

In the arts we tend to get very accustomed to critique. Both giving and receiving. But in software these days, it isn’t as much of an insular group as it use to be. Users aren’t like fans. I had a music prof once tell me that she felt free to provide a higher level of critique to my work because of how much she respected what I produced. I have had the same experience from CS professors as well. But out in the world, outside of the art community, or in a CS environment. People can be harsh, and they aren’t always right, and their critique isn’t always worth heeding.

I forget this dynamic from both sides, I forget who the audience is, or who else is listening, and what their perception will be. And I have a tendency to be frank and honest, and blunt.

You should know Jochen, that your efforts are highly respected, and highly regarded. It’s quite an achievement. And it shows a lot of fortitude to come here and hear the discussions which aren’t always as positive.

I wish there were some reward in the community that could show the appreciation I know we all feel.

Again, the Midi Remote is amazing. It is an achievement that deserves to be championed and cheered.


@oqion, the feedback of the forum is already very rewarding, especially your words, I couldn’t be happier :blush:.
And I appreciate the criticism as well, be it rude or not, doesn’t really matter, but the constructive ones are easier to translate into working tasks :wink: .
I’m off for the weekend, Cheers!


I never intended to offend anyone. My strongest worded critique usually goes to the things I feel strongly about and WANT to make work.
I’ve been sitting on the fence for over two years on whether I should switch from Ableton to Cubase, or not. I tried a Cubase 11 demo. Quick Controls got my attention because Ableton doesn’t come close to Cubase when it comes to Controller assignment. When I saw the videos of MIDI Remote control and FOCUSED Quick Controls, I went ahead and spent almost 600 Euros on Cubase in order to fully use my controller more than just the keyboard keys. When I couldn’t map my Transport buttons (something basic), I felt cheated… What I currently achieve with MIDI Remote control is more than what I could in the past.

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Hi @redskyroad … almost none taken :wink:

I think the problem you describe has to do with the MIDI messages coming from your device. MIDI Remote currently doesn’t interpret system-realtime messages, only CCs, Notes, PitchBend etc. I’m pretty sure there is a mode on your device for sending only CCs, Notes and the like. The smaller Keylab, the Essential, has the “DAW” mode, does your Keyboard have it too? Then switch it on and try again please.

Btw, are you on Mac or PC? Mac would be easier to solve your problem.

Cheers, Jochen

I have the normal Keylab 88. There are no settings to send only CC, etc… No DAW mode…
Some people advised that I enable the MCC Slave under Synchronisation settings - that didn’t help at all.
Arturia had NO love to share for Steinberg about the MIDI Remote control when I contacted them.
I’m on Windows 10

I don’t have Keylab, but with BeatStep Pro if you want to currently use the transport buttons in the MIDI Remote you have to:

  • Open Arturia MIDI Control Center
  • go to Device Settings
  • set the Transports setting to MIDI (so it sends only MIDI CC messages, instead of only MMC or Both)

This would, of course, require you changing the settings of other software you might use those transport buttons in to trigger based on the MIDI CC messages as well.

Here is a link to the manual.

Check out page 30 To use the “Control Center” software to change the presets.

But you can make the changes directly on the device.

Page 20 will tell you how to change the settings and save a preset to be used with Cubase. The section is called “Global” but that is misleading, and they even say so in the manual.

You don’t have to disable using the Keylab with Arturia software, just make a preset specific to Cubase.

Go through and assign everything to a CC . Put it on Channel 16 and you shouldn’t clash with anything. (Section 3.7 on page 22).

But if you want to know what you might clash with, here is a list.

I don’t have the DEVICE SETTINGS page

Device settings is in the Arturia MIDI Control Center software.

You get that here:

But as said above, you don’t absolutely need that. The manual describes how to change presets.

Does your device look like this?

Or this?

First One. I don’t have that “Device Settings” tab in MIDI Control Center Software

Got you. It seems like this other thread has helped:

And the manual above was for your device. I assumed that because you said you didn’t have a “DAW Mode”. So everything I said in the first post with the Manual is valid.

The short press and long press stuff in the other thread is interesting. Was that part of the problem?