Cubase 12 New Remote Editor Mapping HELP Please

How do I make a button press step through parameters instead of just an on off switch. For instance, the EQ type on EQ Band 1 and EQ Band 4, or the type for the Cuts on the Pre section. I understand how to map everything normally. Band 2 and 3 EQ type work as expected as this is simply 2 options. Band 1 and 4 have multiple options, I’d love to make the button press, with each press, step through these option.

Alternatively and/or also, make a dial do the same thing with each rotation step up the value. Currently if using a dial, there will be more turning in the gaps of the step up or down, instead of each notch being the next type. The ability to change how Cubase sees each notch rotation of the dial, like a step up of 10% (12.5% to be exact) instead of actual.

I’ve tried playing with all the options but nothing is revealing itself as away to do this.

Please help thank you


This is possible via scripting only, sorry.