Cubase 12 "No Bus Audio Routing" Bug Issues (First track of project)

This has carried over from Cubase 11 . See video of original issue here.

I didn’t realise before but this only seems to happen with the first track of the project. I’ll update video to Cubase 12 if needed.

Thank you

This is still not fixed. Only happens for the 1st track. Anyone???

Thank you

This doesn’t happen here on either Cubase or Nuendo 12.
Selecting No Bus on output of the first (or any other) track produces the desired result.

Very strange! I get this in all my projects. I wonder if it’s to do with my Nectar P6 Midi Keyboard and integration.

It’s possible. The fact that this happens on a specific channel regardless of project suggests that it’s something particular to your setup.

Do you have control room set up? I wonder if that changes things.

Hey, I believe it is the Nektar integration causing it. I have a P6 and it would cause just the first track to only pan to L96 max (or something like that). It was eventually fixed in a Nektar update after I emailed Nektar tech support, but I stopped using the Panorama integration with Cubase. It would make things unstable in my setup, causing crashing and other strange behavior. I just use it now as a regular keyboard controller and now with C12 plan on doing a custom controller setup. I would suggest removing the cubase specific part of the Nectar software and see if it fixes your issue. Hope this helps

Thank you. I’ll give that a try today.