Cubase 12 - no longer supports ReWire

ReWire is likely to go away in all host applications.

If you need ReWire and have an existing Nuendo licence, why not upgrade to Nuendo 12, install Nuendo 11 and use that with your upgraded eLicenser licence?

There are alternatives to ReWire. I hope Cubase and Nuendo get Ableton Link support; Ableton Link was added to Cubasis fairly recently. For audio transport, there’s Blue Cat’s Connector - it’s not perfect as it always resamples, but it can be useful.

What version of Ableton 11?
this text cannot be worked in my ableton live 11.1.5

ReWire is still listed as a feature on What Is Nuendo: Discover All the Features | Steinberg, that needs addressing as it is quite disappointing to discover it is no longer the case.

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