Cubase 12 No Valid Licence found

I am getting fed up with this. I find that everytime I start up Cubase 12, I get No Licence found and have to start up elicenser and do maintenance tasks. My problem is that I often use cubase to record live and some places do not have internet. It used to work off line after I normally run Cubase at home first before using it for recording in places without internet. I am getting frustrated as I have to abandon recording just because my licensing doesn’t work.
Is there any workaround anyone?

Cubase 12 does not use the elicenser, see Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

In that case why does it work after I start up e-licenser and elicencer does not work if not connected to the internet. I know it’s a software licencer.

Probably there are other details to this problem you haven’t realized yet, like licenses you own for other products that do not use the new licensing system.

Yes I do know that as I always connect my usb dongle. It still does not answer my question. This problem only started when I purchased cubase 12. Can anyone from Steinberg give me a sensible solution.

Have you opened the Steinberg Activation Manager on your machine?

Which license is the prompt asking for?

Yes I have and it says cubase 12 activated. Anyway I am closing this topic. I just installed cubase 12 on a windows 11 laptop and so far it is working. I am still not sure why it won’t work without running elicenser everytime on my win 10 computer which I have been using cubase for years.

Thanks for your help Steve.