Cubase 12 - No valid license found

it is ok now, thank you! It will also work when I go to my home studio right?

yes, how many computers are you using?

2 in total.

20 May 2022 Cum 17:58 tarihinde Ben at Steinberg via Steinberg Forums <> şunu yazdı:

Hi Ben!

I bought an update for Cubase Elements 11 on 11/29/21. I activated it, but then I had to reinstall windows and reactivate my cubase. I read here on the forum that there were other users who did this and subsequently had a problem getting cubase 12 in the grace period. Then they wrote that you could help them, but I could not find a solution. Could you help me solve this problem? (I contacted Yamaha regional support, but they could not help)

Hi, I’m getting this too now.

The activation manager is just “stuck” on loading:

Cubase itself says no valid license found.

Update: This resolved itself after I restarted my PC.

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I’ve just sent you a PM

I am having the same issue when updated to 12.0.30 :

ID :

@uazulay - if you downloaded the Cubase update manually, please make sure you are running the latest version of Steinberg Activation Manager which can be downloaded here: Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

Thanks much! worked!

Glad to hear it!

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Same issue here on MBP i9 (catalina), after upgrading to 12.0.30 and updating steinberg activation manager.

Tried everything, reinstall, reboot dozens of times over 3 hours !

Steinberg activation manager (updated after cubase 12.0.30) says Cubase is activated, but I always got the popup No valid license file when I open c12

I am about to get stuck for days in the middle of a critical project !

How to get out of this mess !

Your screenshot shows Steinberg Activation Mananger version 1.2.10. Please install 1.3.1 from here: Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

Look at my screenshot : I just redownloaded it twice from the C12 page today at 15:06 !

Is the activation manager on your C12 update and download page not the correct one ?

Found the issue I hope !

Look at the screenshot : downloads from your link and from the official C12 download page : they are not the same !

So your official download page links to an old and outdated Activation Manager that wont work with the C12 in the same page !!!


  1. restart your computer,
  2. update steinberg activation manager,
  3. update elicenser
  4. make sure you are connected to the internet!

this solved the prob for me!

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Using the Steinberg Download Assistant is the most reliable way of getting updates and ensuring the various runtime components of our software is kept up-to-date.

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Thanks for picking that up - I’ve asked my colleagues who maintain this page to update the links.

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Why not give us the choice of using a dongle or the new system? I never had any issues with my beloved dongle!

After sending I wondered, what if all the new issues (performence, freezes) in CB12 are somehow related to the new system? Has that been examined?