Cubase 12 not opening



  • Audio interface: UAD x8, latest version of Console 10.1.1.
  • DAW: Cubase 12 pro
  • Mac OS Monterey 12.5

Cubase just doesn’t want to open a session, it’s stucked at a certain bus / channel.
Here is what I see:

I know that it’s about opening without any stock plugins, moving the .vst one by one in another folder in finder, to find out the culprit. But honestly, it should exist another way, a simlpier way where Cubase helps & point in the right direction.
I have re-installed / updated every plugin that is in the session: UAD, Sparks, Plugin Alliance, Fab Filter, Steinberg downbload assistant, e-licenser, everything is up to date.
It just ruins everything, the vibe the workflow, i simply cannot use Cubase and have to dig forums for ages.

Here is a session screenshot, when opened with only stock plugins:

I have to Force quite cubase to be able to… just try again endelessly.

Any ideas?


Are you at M1? Do you start Cubase in Rosetta 2 mode or natively.

You might be on to something my friend!
I am on M1 laptop yes.
I actually don’t know how to choose / was not aware i could chose native or rosetta.
I believe in the prompt when cubase open there is mention of rosetta indeed.
How can I force Cubase to start natively and not via Rosetta?

ok found this article, i’ll try:

This might explain that when i upgraded to Cubase 12 or a latest version compatible with M1, i didn’t notice any increase of performance… it’s because i was still using Rosetta.
This article is funny, the box is not ticked, but still you are still using rosetta, until you tick and untick, it’s…absurd!

ok so now Cubase opens in Silicon / M1 / native mode.
But all UAD plugins specfically, and only them, are deactivated… not sure how to reactivate them all.


UAD plug-ins are not VST3 therefore they are not supported in the Native M1 version.

Well, it’s supposed to be.
I’m currently trying this:

Ok so it’s seems that UAD support M1 but still with VST2, and Cubase dropped VST2 when run natively for M1…so that’s the crux apparently.
This means i have to revert to Rosetta…unless i missed something!

What I scratch my head with is that UAD plugins run on my chips (UAD x8 & Octo), so why the hell it needs VST2 support, but i guess that’s a technical question that is irrelevant here).

And so the paradox here is that the alternative are:

  1. Run Cubase natively + UAD Sparks as these plugins are VST3 (so UAD pushing users away from plugins ran with DSPs…
  2. Drop Cubase and adopt LUNA, honestly i cannot imagine that UAD is doing this on purpose…

So i’m back to square one, opening Cubase with Rosetta, and my session doesn’t open…
I can open other session, but not this one.
What a headache…