Cubase 12 not received any MIDI signals

I have a serious issue today, and I have 3 keyboards, all fail to send midi signal into cubase.
But they work fine with other DAWs in the same computer MAC M1 with OSX 14.1.2.

I also already reset my preference and even reinstall Cubase twice , they still not work!
I have try virtual MIDI device send MIDI signal into Cubase , cubase also could not receive any MIDI note.

And I try to connect all keyboards to my old iMAC with OSX 12.7.2 ,
they also work fine with Cubase in old iMAC.

My new system information:
a). MAC mini M1
b). OSX 14.1.2
c). Cubase 12 PRO 12.0.70


Double-check the Stuidio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup. Make sure, the All MIDI Inputs is enabled for all your MIDI Input Ports.

Also, double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please. By default, only the SysEx option is disabled for the Record and Thru.