Cubase 12 not sending MMC?

I have selected Cubase to Send MMC but when I move the curser I can see it isn’t sending anything to my Midi IO , sending MTC is working fine ? does any know if there’s a Pref or setting I need to enable ? so curser position generates MMC ?

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 13.21.19

Have you tried setting the Device ID to Any?
Did you observe using the MMC Master Panel?

Ok thanks that works , but it like a transport remote.

How do you get Cubase to send MMC when you are moving the Curser or using FF and RR
and when you type in a TC in Cubase ?

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 14.31.31

The buttons and the time code display in the MMC panel don’t achieve that job (double click TC field and enter new value)? Does your device use TC or SMPTE? If TC which one? MTC, LTC, VITC?
I don’t have any device anymore that I could hook up with MMC and MTC, so I can’t really check it myself.

Ok Thanks , I am slaving Protools to Cubase via (Midi - MTC) its working great , I have my video in Protools and export Stems from Cubase into Protools as I build the score .all good

but when it comes to spotting hits (bang on a frame) I have to sit at the Protools rig find the hit point and then type then TC ref into Cubase, so I can drop hits / music what ever at the point . no big deal

I thought Cubase sending MMC would move the Playhead on Protools (and the video) so I could spot things with ease . Logic Pro will do this (Send MMC at its curser) , but I just can’t get Cubase to Send MMC at its Curser point or when I scrub or use FF /RR

I didn’t think I could be the only person trying to slave ProTools for video to Cubase. Just hope someone’s got a solution. Seems crazy Cubase can’t send MMC

2017 !