Cubase 12 - Not showing device panel

Hi there.

I have created a device panel to control my Whammy DT FX. The panel is working on “Midi Device Manager”, but didn’t show up on Device Panel of a midi channel.

When i create a new external instrument and associate the device panel, it appears like a vst on that channel. But i don’t like to use in this way. It isn’t a external synth, just a midi controller for my FX that is routed with others FX in the same routing in my External FX chain in cubase.

How could i make this working?

Follows Whammy DT Device mapping.
Whammy DT Device.xml (79.7 KB)

My specs:
Cubase 12.0.4
Mac Catalina (updated)

It works now.

The problem was the panel size window.

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