Cubase 12 now just disappearing on Mac 12.6

Happened a few times today and i have no idea why.
Running the latest CB 12 Pro under Mac OS 12.6 in Rosetta mode.
First it was VB3 that seemed to cause this, but that was just once. Last two times its been this.
Its a very basic project. a few instances of Zeonoloy, one of Halion (with just one instrument) and 2 wav files.
Over the years I’ve heard so many times how ‘Macs’ are better’, but it seem maybe this is not the case. I switched to my PC to finish off some edits and it was rock solid (I don’t often say that).

Reason for Rosetta mode is to Run Zenology. Using Native is not an option at this stage.

Have you updated the driver for your UR22C? An update was released last week.

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Ohh on, i didnt know that had come out. I was complaining about the lack of native support a couple of weeks ago, I’ll give it a go.
Thanks very much.

All installed. I still have to use Rosetta for Zenology and Halion but hopefully the update will make things more stable.