Cubase 12 Occasionally Alerts "no license found" problem

i have this issue sometimes when cubase 12 alerts with “no license found for halion sonic se library” and now for the first time also i had no sound from retrologue instances on a project. i try to open the GUI to see whats going on , and its blacked with big fonts no license found , activate from steinberg activation manger .
i have both the SAM and use the dongle also for other products. usually by quitting cubase 12 and run the Elicenser and SAM and do some maintenance there solves the problem, but its too often and should not be like that. its a time and workflow killer
of course all i have installed is legitimate and have licenses for them.
any idea why it happens and how to solve it from happening again ?

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Do you have the latest update of HALion Sonic SE, eLCC and SAM installed, please?

well i didnt check it, Elicenser is the latest , SAM im not sure, i think i update it once since installing cubase 12 , cubase 12.0.2 and HSSE im not sure also if its the latest , but i remember updating it with cubase 12 and dorico 4 the free one. not in front of my computer now.
but anyway it should not show me those “no license” alerts ? its not all the time but frequently , and also its solved when quitting cubase 12 until the next time the issue appears

I am having a similar problem. The message sometimes shows up for no reason. When happens I have to quit Cubase12/Nuendo12 (m1 mini, rosetta2) and run SAM (which is so slow), in my case I don’t need to run elc. I have yet to find a solution to this.
This is just a long blind shot but do you happen to have any unusual USB dongle in your setup? Just normal elcs?

the dongle is on a Docking station which has 3 usb 3 ports, 2 sd cards readers ,HDMI and LAN on it, connected to my Legion 5 pro laptops USB C port

Just spent some time with support. Steinberg has no plans to do away with the dongle for certain plugins, ALL of which I use consistently. This makes no logical sense at all.
If the point of the new licensing system is to do away with the dongle, why do we have to put up with this nonsense?

Can you tell us what plugins Steinberg is planning to left behind?

The ones listed in the opening message on my computer are:
HALion Sonic common Presets Content
Alto Glock
Hot Brass
HALion Common Presets content
Studio Strings
HALion Sonic 3 Combis
Very annoying to have to still be tethered to the dongle after all of this commotion. Makes no sense. Maybe somebody from Steinberg has an answer?

I’m pretty sure they will add Halion (all of them) to the new license system. They told you something about it?

Just one of the support people. He said they have no plans to change it but he’d pass on my concern to them, whoever “them” is.
-Brian Wilson

I had the same issue with C12.0.20, no Halion, just the daw.
Restarted and all came back to normal. :crossed_fingers:t2:
Scary while you’re working.

“Them” is probably me or one of the other members of the Steinberg Licensing project team. We’re looking at various ways of helping users “lose the dongle” and migrating existing content/instruments across to Steinberg Licensing is still on the table for discussion.

Each transition take a certain amount of time and effort from various different departments around Steinberg, and we’re hoping to streamline the process once we get through the upcoming roadmap of product releases. Once we know the effort required, we can review our back catalogue to make decisions about transitions and timings.


Which dongle? IIRC, the OG dongle gave me these errors when I upgraded to v10. New dongle fixed the issue for me (and gave me one more reason to hate the dongle).

Thanks, Ben. I appreciate the information!

Definition of dongle. : a small device that plugs into a computer and serves as an adapter or as a security measure to enable the use of certain software.

jpgtr, maybe you’re talking about the new licensing procedure?

No. Steinberg has update their hardware dongle a couple of times over the years. I’m guessing the old ones are probably too slow…

I’m using an eLicenser from 2005, before Steinberg bought it, and I’ve never had any issues with it (knock on wood!). In contrast to my original iLok which I cursed often, loudly, profanely, and profusely! I’ve never had any trouble with my iLok 2 so that’s been a relief.
Goddess help any of the people that steal software, that caused these infernal dongles to be required, if I ever get my hands on them! Medieval is where I’d start and get worse from there! The cumulative suffering they’ve caused users, and financial harm they’ve caused developers has earned my eternal condemnation and hatred.

I agree. With Cubase 12, Songwriter Essentials Drum Librairies & Electric Bass Librairies don’t work without the dongle ! Defeats the purpose ! ! Neither does Basic FX suite which comes with my UR24 STEINBERG interface !

Basic FX suite with my UR22C requires the dongle. Pain in the $%^£ :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a pain in the Dongle !