Cubase 12 on 2 computers

I have upgraded to Cubase 12 on my main studio computer and also installed it on my Laptop…when I had 11 on both computers I would just use my dongle. Now I’m on 12 both my main Studio and,my laptop say I only have two days left before Cubase expires…I loaded up the Download manager and put in my activation code that was emailed when I paid for the upgrade…but neither the studio or the laptop takes me any further…

if you haven’t read the New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg please do so.

it says on the website - ‘The first time you launch the application, an internet connection is required to sign in with your Steinberg ID and the software can be activated.’
nothing opens asking me to sign in???
do i just go to the Steinberg site sign in then open Cubase?

Did u try opening Steinberg Activation Manager manually? And if u log into your account on the website (your steinberg Id) is there cubase 12 already?