Cubase 12 on 2013 Mac Pro

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got a 2013 12-Core Mac Pro, which is ancient (I know). But according to the system requirements it can still run Cubase 12 if I upgrade my OS, I’m currently on 10.15.7.

My question is, has anyone tried it? Is the performance the same as Cubase 11?

My only concern is that performance would be worse and I’d have to downgrade back to my current OS. Not the end of the world, but definitely a pain.

Catalina seems to work with cubase 12 even if it is not “supported”. Cubase 12 a well known ASIO bug, how well it will perform when it is fixed now one knows yet.
I dont see 12 as more CPU hungry that 11. At least is not a huge difference and if your computer runs 11 smoothly is very likely that it will also run 12. (when the ASIO thing is solved) At least you can try out 12 without update your OS.

Oh okay, really good to know!

I’ll try installing later this week and report back