Cubase 12 on Laptop & CPU

Hello all,

Loooooong time Cubase user here. Been using since 1997!!

I’ve been using Cubae 11 Pro on my CPU reliably over the past while, and, purchased the upgrade to Cubase 12 immediately upon release.

That said, I bought a powerful laptop that is capable of running Cubase, and, I’m wondering , if it’s possible to run Cubase 12 interchangeably between my laptop and desktop without authorization troubles?

I like the portability of my lappy and Beyerdynamics, but, I ultimately prefer doing the bulk of my music on my Desktop and Adam speakers.

I hope my silly question made sense, and apologies if this is something that should be obvious.

Stay well & all the best,


Yes. But read this to be fully informed:

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Excellent. Thank you for the resource. Will read carefully. I’m always scared of ‘crossing wires’ and would hate to suddenly have issues with all of my old projects. Thanks again!!! Rawk

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