Cubase 12 on M1 is loading the Rosetta version by default

Hey all. I just upgraded and installed Cubase 12 today on my M1.

So far the new version looks great!

When double clicking the .app file that was installed on the “Applications” folder, the Intel/Rosetta version is loaded by default. I double checked that I didn’t check “run using Rosetta” in the preferences.

If I browse to /Applications/Cubase 12, I can clearly see that the internal executable is a universal binary, and loading it opens correctly, loads my ARM plugins and shows as “Apple” in the activity monitor. The .app file is showing as “Intel” and not loading my ARM plugins.


See Cubase 12 in Rosetta only, even though Rosetta is switched off - #3 by Sascha_Tayefeh

Thank you @Arne_Scheffler!
The offered solution (tick and untick ‘Open Using Rosetta’) indeed fixes the issue for me, but it’s still a bug that I think needs to be fixed.

Can echo this, I thought it was odd that Cubase 12 loaded up my Slate plugins without issue. After I checked/unchecked Rosetta and booted Cubase again the Slate plugins were put on the blacklist. This would explain things!

The bug is in the Finder and it’s in Apple’s hand to fix it.

Worked for me perfectly!!! Many thanks!

I don’t think it’s a bug in the finder.

I have many universal binary applications installed in /Applications, and Cubase is the only one that didn’t load the ARM version by default.

For example, it doesn’t happen with the latest version of Reaper and Ableton Live 11.1, both show up as a universal binary and load the ARM version by default.

I already verified that this is a bug in the Finder. Trust me, it’s the same bug the Finder had with Rosetta 1 in the time when we moved from PowerPC to Intel processors. If an application has an Info.plist key LSArchitecturePriority and prefers the x86_64 architecture, then this bug appears. It does not happen in these other applications as they don’t have this key in their Info.plist.

Yep same issue here, thanks for the fix. So in Native I lose Slate SSD5 Drums, all Slate’s Everything Bundle Plugins and all Roland Cloud instruments. Oh, and Halion 6 and HalionSonic SE !! lol… unbelievable!

So to get all these back i just click 'Use Rosetta" and just wait for developer updates?

@Arne_Scheffler thanks for the detailed answer!

However, I don’t understand why can’t that key be removed, like in those other programs?

From reading here:

It seems like that key is only meant for cases where you explicitly want the system to prefer the Rosetta version, for example?