Cubase 12 on mojave? (installer do version check 10.15.)

It it seems like Mojave is no longer supported, it will refuse to install.

damn really. unexpected. that can’t be right, Mojave isn’t very old at all…

About 3.5 years newer than windows 10.

The requirement are Big Sur or Monterey so only two versions. (Or two years with current apple OS release every year.)

What does “installer do version check 10.15” mean? 10.15 is Catalina. Is that supported or not?

Many macOS users of Cubase will be stuck on Mojave for 32bit support (me included - I have some hardware synths with software & plugins I don’t want to lose).

Looks like this is where I stop updating (well to be fair I didn’t install the last two 11.5 updates as they introduced ridiculous GUI lag on my Mac Pro).

I’m guessing Steinberg have compiled against the newer features of Big Sur. It will be interesting to see how many Mac users can’t upgrade due to wanting to stay on Mojave.

Unfortunately, Apple is significantly more progressive than Microsoft when it comes to OS updates. With all its advantages and disadvantages (backwards compatibility).

macOS Catalina should work fine but we haven’t tested this combination and it is not officially supported.

Just wondering I anyone knows if Mojave will still be supported for c12 or will an OS X upgrade be in order?

From one user it looks like it doesn’t?

Big Sur requirement seems a little steep.

Stuck on Mojave here as well. Will be waiting at least another year to upgrade my hardware as I wait to see how things shake out with the transition of Apple hardware to Apple Silicon (ie. the next Mac Pro) as well as 3rd-party plug-in compatibility with M1.

Officially, Cubase 12 requires Big Sur or Monterey. Anything else is untested, unsupported and might not work.

For those stuck on Mojave (but not needing 32 bit) I have installed Catalina on a non-compliant Mac Pro 5.1 mid 2012, using Dosdude’s patch.

I can honestly say the the entire machine runs smoother than it did under Mojave, and having installed C12 this morning, I’m currently playing a very old but track and plugin heavy session last saved under Cubase 6, and it’s flying. Very impressed.

Both Metric Halo 3D and Audient ID14 interfaces working as they should. Happy to be making my way back to Cubase from Studio One, the video features and Dolby Atmos on the horizon will be really useful.

EDIT - I should add that I fitted a metal graphic card some time ago in order to update to Mojave in the first place - a Radeon Rx560 - not chipped for Mac so no splash screen but you can still access recovery mode by holding down keys, need this to install the Catalina OS.


Looked into the Dosdude patch a while back, but honestly feels like I’m straying into hackintosh territory there…

Is Cubase 12 not compatible with Mojave 10.14?

It seems so, however, where does it say that on Steinberg website? The compatibility table only lists up to Cubase 11. Plus, why offer an Upgrade? Most 2012 Mac Pro’s can’t be updated past 10.14 so why isn’t that clearly stated on Steinbergs website? :frowning:

Hmm I think hackintosh is stretching it a bit! It is after all a Mac.
I was sceptical at first but read loads of glowing reports from other Mac users with older machines. As far as I can tell all it does is disable (on a model by model basis) elements of the OS that will not work in the old hardware.

Anyway it’s your choice of course! For me having just had to pay out for a new iPad to run Dorico for iPad a new MacBook and Mac Pro are simply out of the question for some time yet. Being able to breathe new life into the Studio Mac Pro AND actually get better performance is a blessing. Won’t get into the politics of planned obsolescence here, but suffice to say if it only takes a little tweak to allow an older machine to run the latest OS…

Open Core Legacy Patcher running here. 2013 iMac
Monterey running fine.

Where does it say that? Cubase 12 isn’t even listed on the compatibility chart on the website.

It is on the Cubase 12 Compare Editions page - see under “System Requirements” at the bottom of the page.

Other people have posted that Catalina works, but this is not tested and supported. There is a hard block on Mojave and earlier.

So far, it’s working fine on my MacBook Pro with intel i9 with 16G Ram. I didn’t see any difference in performance from Cubase Pro 11.

Blame APPLE for this BS. Yearly OS updates that no one asked for to brick their Macs of course

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