Cubase 12 on Monterey crashes after update

I updated to Cubase 12 after a macOS update to Moneteray meant that 9.5 wasn’t working properly. I used the Download Assistant to install, and chose all the recommended packages. When I try to launch the programme, it crashes on looking for one of the Groove Agent files /Library/Application Support/ Steinberg/*/Groove Agent SE com.steinberg.Groove Agent SE

I can’t find the file following this path. I’ve tried reinstalling/restarting and it hasn’t helped. Help! :slight_smile:

Further to this, from the Steinberg folder I ran

find . -name “* com.steinberg.Groove *”

And the file doesn’t seem to exist…
Trying to open Cubase 12 with 3rd party plugins deactivated also results in a crash. Can anyone help?

Update - I renamed the Groove Agent SE plugin in Steinberg/Content and it started and seems to work… I guess I won’t have access to any of the Groove Agent SE instruments though.

Ran into the same problem, Groove Agent works fine with Cubase 11 (Mac Monteray), but can not open Cubase 12. Did you find a solution? (besides renaming the Groove Agent plugin).

I had the same problem. Got a hint that it might have to do with the Yamaha USB Midi drivers which I updated. Have not yet tested but curious what other measures that can be taken.


I am having the same issue, what file did you rename to get it to work?

I have the same problem. I can’t run cubase at all. Is there a solution for this?

Hi everyone - the only solution I could find was to disable the Groove Agent SE plugins by renaming them so that Cubase 12 couldn’t find them. This doesn’t, of course, fix the fact that now a lot of the instruments are unavailable. But I can at least open all my old cubase pro 9.5 files and the instruments seem to be available there,

Works great here on Monterey and an Intel Mini (I upgraded from 11 though). Actually just decided to use it for the first time a few weeks ago, and now that I’ve found out I’ve got a drum sampler similar to my MPC available in Cubase, I use it to convert breakbeats on Sampler Tracks into Groove Agent kits all the time.