Cubase 12 on Windows doesn't come to the front when you click it

I open Cubase and while a session is loading, I do other things on my computer. Then when I click on Cubase with my mouse, it doesn’t come to the front. I have to close or minimize windows or click on cubase’s main window in the taskbar. Please fix this Steinberg.

Nothing to fix, that’s Windows doing, not Cubase.
You can use ALT-TAB?

Definitely not a Windows thing.

It’s because Cubase has pretty bad window management. It’s something people have been complaining about for a decade, if not more. It attempts to behave on Windows the way macOS applications behave on that OS.

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Can confirm have to use Alt+Tab here

Where do you click on Cubase? Taskbar?

I do believe this to be a Cubase thing. I need to double click the Cubase icon on the taskbar to bring a Cubase project to the front. But I’m used to this behaviour from Cubase.

Not sure, but I think it maybe due to the fact that it is actually two windows open, Cubase’s initial window, and then the project window. All my other applications have just one window, and one click on the application icon on the taskbar, brings it straight to the front.

If I open Cubase with one project and no other windows open, I can click on the taskbar icon to bring it to the front.
If I open a second window (having the project window not in full screen or open editors or the mixer windows) Windows (the OS) is presenting a second Cubase icon.
I can set in Windows(OS) the option to group the icons always, now Windows presents just one taskbar icon, and it opens an overview of the open windows of the app if you click on it.

And I have no idea why anybody thinks this is a Cubase problem. Windows is handling this. And it’s the same with other multi window apps.

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Which other multi-window apps for example? Haven’t seen such behavior from any other app.

Try this: Have a broswer open (window maximized), then start Cubase, while Cubase takes ages to load, switch back to the browser. Then Cubase blinks in the task bar. Click on it. It doesn’t come to the front, no menu bar visible, even though it is clearly the active window (highlighted in the task bar). Switching with alt-tab back and forth actually works.
Now click again on the Cubase task bar icon, which usually hides the current app and puts the focus on the last used app. Cubase vanishes, browser comes back. Now click again, which usually brings that window back to front. It doesn’t with Cubase, the menu bar stays hidden (as long as the previuos app is maximized, if not, the menu bar is visible immediately). It is in focus though, so you can press CTRL-O and the open dialog appears, and suddenly the menu bar reappears.
That is weird. Not even GIMP in multi window mode behaves like that.

Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome, LibreOffice, Allen & Heath dLive Director in windowed mode, just to name the open apps at the moment.
All I can say is, that it is working as expected on my two systems I tested it today.
I click on the taskbar icon and the corresponding app comes to the front.