Cubase 12 only plays back 3-4sec then stops

Cubase 12 only plays back 3-4sec then stops and doesn’t play again until I close and reopen the application and rerecord the vocals.
I have tried changing the audio devices setting in Windows 11 to ‘Allow applications to take exclusive control of device’ and ‘Give exclusive mode application priority’ with out any luck.
I’m using a Yamaha MG10XU as my mixer/input and output (phones device).
The fact that it starts playing makes me think the configuration is right but it s buffer or memory issue but the Windows 11 memory is fine and still have 3GB free.

Hi @simon500

Does the playback duration increase if you set the audio buffer size to the max value?

Do you have the latest drivers for your mixer installed?

OK so it looks like a user error/understanding issue.
I’m connecting to my PC using USB. What I’m trying to achieve is 2 separate channels but I’m not sure if that is possible. My Guitar is connected to physical port 1 (Yamaha MG10XU) and my mic to port 2. I was thinking if I switched Port one all the way left that would give me channel 1 then switch my mic all the way to the right that would give me channel 2. This way I could play and sing at the same time but have 2 separate tracks. I can see the recording in both tracks but can not play track 1 only 2. If I copy and paste track 1 into a new project I can hear it.

I’m not sure if I’m understanding this correctly -but I think you’ll need to look at the audio connections section of the manual. Audio Connections Window

You don’t need to use panning for this, you should be able to set up channel one as a mono input, and channel two as a mono input and record them both simultaneously - and when finished recording, you should be able to pan the channels wherever you want in the Cubase mixer.

Does this make sense? - I have the feeling that you think that a stereo channel/recording must be done, but this isn’t the case, Cubase can handle mono sources to record from - and I think your mixer acts as a multi channel ASIO device (but I could be wrong)

I think I’m just confused - your image shows that you’ve successfully recorded the two channels into 2 mono cubase tracks.

I’ve checked and your mixer is a 2 channel USB device - and it looks like you must have set it up in the audio connections box as two mono inputs. If both of those tracks are routed to your DAW output, you should be able to hear them play back together. I guess it’s worth checking that they are both routed to a stereo out that has left as MG-XU L and right as MG-XU R - and that the fader/pan on your mixing desk that receives the USB audio is set correctly (i.e. - 9 is panned left and has level and 10 is panned right and has level)

I hope there is something I am missing but the problem I have is the above picture is from doing the panning on the mixer channel 1 to left and channel 2 to right. If I leave both channel 1 and 2 in the center I get this


Hey - I think i’m getting it now.

The mixer you have isn’t really designed as an interface, more a way to transfer a final mix to the computer and to play back a stereo track from the computer.

The mixer => usb IN appears to come from the master fader, rather than directly route it’s physical tracks 1 and 2 to the USB output. This explains why your initial panning method works fine for recording two discrete tracks via the panning trick you did in your initial test.

What are your output settings in the audio connections window? - I think the way I’d set it up for this particular use case is to have:

Mono in 1 - MG-XU-1
Mono in 2 - MG-XU-2

Stereo in 1 - MG-XU-1

Stereo out 1 - MG-XU-1

This should allow you to do your panning trick, and then to playback both recorded mono tracks over the stereo output back into your mixer