Cubase 12 out now!

I don’t know what SDA and DAC mean… sorry…

There’s got to be a written procedure on how to do this transition. It is confusing.

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SDA = Steinberg Download Assistant
DAC = Download Access Code

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Wow - very nice

I’m in the grace period, how do I get my upgrade code?

Ok. I need to launch the SDA, enter the DAC and upgrade the license on the dongle? When I enter the DAC it tells me to upgrade the license.

3 Can be active at any one time:-

You are free to deactivate machines at your convenience, although right now if a machine was to break and you couldn’t be online to deactivate it, you would need to contact Steinberg to have that activation cleared.

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Please have a look here: Grace Period Update to Cubase 12 - #2

Ok. Now I have the Cubase 12 available to download in my products tab, so I didn’t need to upgrade the license as the SDA wanted to?

Why don’t you want to upgrade? You want to use Cubase 12, but you don’t want to upgrade?

I don’t know how to explain. Do I need to upgrade the license in the dongle? (that’s what the SDA is trying to do when I enter the DAC). Will I use the dongle for Cubase 12?

That’s why I think there should be written instructions with steps, on how to do the transition.

Here you go:


Thank you. Now I get it. It seems that the servers are still very busy, I haven’t been able to do the upgrade in the dongle.


Great! now Cubase 11 disappeared from my dongle. I can’t upgrade any license.

License control didn’t finished successfully.
So I tried Activation Manager and there I found a license of C12 for activation.
So fas so good…all is working …and even the warping over several tracks did work…really good :star_struck:

My question is now:

What about Halion6 and GroveAgent5 ?
Will they be available soon in the license cloud too?

Projects using this VSTs still need the dongle…

Remove the Cubase 12 announcement until it’s ready.
Nothing is working.
Everything hangs forever or gives error codes. What a mess
(talking about updating, elicenser maintenance, grace period checker etc etc)


I suspect what you are seeing is the eLicenser servers struggling with all the users upgrading from a previous version of Cubase to Cubase 12, as this involves a one-time eLicenser server transaction. This is one reason why eLicenser is going away. The problems are not with Cubase 12 or the new Steinberg Licensing.

If you wait, things should calm down.


No worries. Please have a look here: Cubase Update - eLicenser Issues - #2

The other Steinberg products will move to the new system step-by-step.

My understanding, based on the long threads when Steinberg Licensing was announced, is that the strategy for now is to move products to Steinberg Licensing at a major paid upgrade. I believe there was mention of HALion 7 as a forthcoming product, so it is near certain there will also be a new version of Absolute to include HALion 7. If there is a new version of Absolute, then either Groove Agent 5 will need to move to Steinberg Licensing without a paid upgrade, or Groove Agent 6 will be released.

It is possible Steinberg will move products over to Steinberg Licensing at a minor update, especially for products that have only recently undergone a paid update (WaveLab 11 comes to mind). They have yet to announce their plans.

As a Dorico user, I was split between Steinberg Licensing and eLicenser before today. I cannot wait to ditch eLicenser completely, but know that is going to take time. I look forward to what Steinberg will announce later this year.

Thank you Matthias. I am very inpatient :upside_down_face:

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All I’ve ever asked for here at the forums are real vu meters. Hey, looks like I’m at 100% response with my requests.

I could use vumt etc, but factory-installed meters are better :slight_smile:

Now… what I want is to click next to any channel plasma meter and replace it with a small …yep…vu…little simultaneous vu meters on each of 1000 tracks if I want. “Not very accurate”, you say? Who ever said that rock & roll is supposed to be accurate? :slight_smile:

Better yet, click to have the little vu’s appear towards the top of the channel strip like a real analog console.

I await fullfilment of my request on Cubase 17.

Just bought the 12 upgrade. I’ll download in the next few days.

Thank you Steinberg! You’re a fantastic company!

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