Cubase 12 -- Overdubbing Basics without static pop and volume drop

Hi, I’m returning to home recording after a two year absence, and have set up Cubase 12 to work with my Yamaha THR5 amp. Doing basic multi-tracking of guitar and bass parts fine when I play a complete take successfully. However, I can’t figure out how to patch a track successfully, specifically removing the static pop and volume drop that comes with the overdub.

Let’s say I record a one minute track which I like except for a few seconds. I know how to set up a re-record at a specific time with the punch-in and punch-out timers on the bottom of the Cubase window. The resulting overdub (lane) shows overlaid on the track. I’ve tried to use the glue and crossfade functions to no success.

I’ve had no good luck in finding an article or a specific video that describes my scenario. I’m probably doing something wrong, or at least incomplete, but I just can’t seem to figure it out.

I used an older version of Cubase several years ago and was able to properly patch-in and patch-out (I believe I was able to use crossfade to merge the overdub), but as I said, I’ve tried several approaches with Cubase 12 with no success.

Any advice? Thank you.

What version of Cubase 12 do you use? Pro, Artist, etc.
An audio track in Cubase can host multiple Lanes with audio events but it can only play back one event at a time. If you have multiple lanes with audio events, such as after overdubbing, you would need to expand all lanes and edit their events so that only one event is active at any time. This procedure is most often called “comping”. You should be able to find loads of videos on how to effectively comp in Cubase.
Alternatively, you could change your Audio Record Mode to the setting Replace. This mode will not utilize Lanes and will work more like a traditional tape recorder.

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Cubase AI Elements 12. And thanks for the terminology. Ill search again using “comping” instead of “overdub” or “punch-in”, and also check out the Audio Record Mode setting.

When a fellow user omits what version they use, I assume Pro.
As it turns out, Lanes are not part of the feature set of either Cubase AI nor Cubase Elements (they are two different versions technically).
Perhaps look here instead: