Cubase 12 Partner Products (vouchers) have to be registered by October 3, 2022

I went to the websiteAcustica Audio Fire The Clip. and the exchange code did not exist!!!
How to solve???

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Have a look in this thread, I had same issue and fix is here


I’ve got the vouchers on purchase of Cubase 12 Pro but unfortunately I am having trouble and getting error “Activation Code Not Accepted”. in Aquarius Desktop. Kindly advise before it expires in next 36 Hours.


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Ok that’s excellent thanks. My heart sank at first so that is a relief to know that CS-80 IV is the latest version of CS-80 V lol. Pretty confusing product labeling and numbering system on Arturia’s part. I guess the next iteration of CS-80 after this one will therefore be CS-80 V V. Anyway thankyou to Steinberg and the participating partners for a great promo.

Thanks Atari Boy. I see Amped Elektra only works with the dongle, then. I didn’t even think about checking my dongle licenses (why would I?), I just deleted Elektra after it locked me out & steadfastly refused to load. TBH you couldn’t make this up - Steiny are giving away freebies (thanks for the thought at least) for their shiny new Cubase12 (that’s all about no dongle), that only work with the Steinberg dongle? Really? :exploding_head:
I just don’t need an e-piano that badly. Talk about giving a gift with one hand and giving the finger with the other hand…

I’m trying to activate Acustica Audio Fire the Clip in Aquarius desktop, but i’m getting error “Activation code not accepted”. How can I solve this problem?


Same for me. Fire the Clip “Activation code not accepted”. Wasting a lot of time. Any solution?

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Hi Everyone,

I hope before the period ends, someone may help step by step procedure to avail the vouchers @ free. Would highly appreciate if someone can make and post a video / youtube link to all the vouchers we’ve got with our purchase :slight_smile:


I had the same problem with Fire The Clip and activation. The advice was that, it was registered from their end, and all I needed to do was install it from the product list so I did and it worked even though I received the error from the very first time I tried to enter the code.

Interesting … but when I installed the Aquarius Desktop (apparently a requirement to install the plugin) it was not listed and a search for by name returned nothing.

It seems there’s a glitch in activation code. Can someone raise it to Steinberg support? I didn’t find their support channel where I can log the ticket…


I think the best thing to do, is contact Acustica support and inform them of the problem you are having. I did this and they responded within a day. Steinberg were unable to help with this issue.

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OK folks, the critical piece of missing (well, hidden …) information is at this link:

To install Fire The Clip correctly, it is mandatory to follow the instructions below:

  • Create a user account (if you do not have one yet) on our (Acustica Audio’s) website.
  • Download and Install the Aquarius Desktop, our (Acustica Audio’s) product manager, for macOS and Windows operating systems.
  • Run and log in to the Aquarius Desktop application using your username (email) and password.
  • Click on the setting icon (FIG 1).
  • Select the ‘Activations’ tab.
  • Insert your activation code in the activation code field.
  • Click on the apply button.

I purchased the 12 upgrade yesterday 10/03. I never saw a voucher link in the MySteinberg section to download the free products. And I activated on 10/03. Is there another way to get the voucher links?


Same here. No info on the time-sensitivity of these codes in the confirmation email.
Considering refunding my order.

It was mentioned many times in the sales page that the voucher codes were going to expire if they weren’t activated. Here’s an archived version of the page:

As mentioned earlier, you had to activate and verify your Cubase 12 license for the vouchers to show up.

The verification process is only necessary if you are upgrading from a past version, to verify that you indeed have a Cubase license to upgrade.


I purchased the crossgrade on 3rd, but it didn’t arrive via courier until the 4th, is there anything that can be done?

The timing of the purchase is similar to that of mine. Neither do I.
I sent you an email, but I wonder how you will handle it.

I have decided to purchase on the 3rd. Since I selected cross grade which required verification, this took till next day. The sale was gone but cross grade still available. The online shop told me that they will still honor the sale as I started on the 3rd, but there is no way to get the free plugins. Not sure what they put a hard date on this.