Cubase 12 PLE: Selecting MIDI tracks with the same Output

I am trying to use the PLE to select all the tracks going to the same output (in my case it is name STEREO OUTPUT).
However the macro doesn’t seem to be working with Instrument tracks. Currently it selects group and FX tracks but no instrument tracks. Does anybody know why?


The Instrument track itself cannot be selected this way. If you would use multi-outputs then the Audio Returns of the Instrument tracks would become selected (in the MixConsole) too. But not the Instrument track itself.

Martin would you call this behavior expected? And if it is why is there even an option in the PLE? Any chance we can escalate this as bug? I am sure the majority of the users don’t use multi output instrument tracks.

I don’t know about that. I use VSTi’s with multiple audio outputs all the time. Kontakt or Superior Drummer being two that are in about half of all my projects.

yes thank you for the insight on your amazing workflow- but going back to this feature I think that it should apply to instrument tracks even if multi output is not engaged. Many VSTis don’t even have multi output option. Serum, Zebra to name a few.