Cubase 12 PLE VS Cubase 11 PLE

I have the latest version of Cubase 11 Pro
and I just downloaded the Demo version of Cubase 12 Pro
I need to test all my macros my PLE and LE
that I use with the 14bitMIDI Sherlock Plugin and a 24" touch screen.
my shortcut on the screen to access the project logic editor no longer works
I had to create a macro while the midi logic editor
as well as access to keyboard shortcuts and macros work perfectly
In addition I created a lot of PLE for the visibility of the tracks and the group and vca tracks no longer react to my commands
that work on Cubase 11 and this even after trying to modify the PLE commands
I’m not at home so not possible for the moment to attach screenshots but if anyone has an idea

I saw that the name of the project logic editor command had changed with the word processing added at the beginning
Maybe this is the cause of the malfunction.
but it’s the same for the midi logic editor and it works

Here is the original PLE under cubase 11
and that under cubase 12

and the project logic editor turned into a macro instead of a shortcut

Its good
after some modifications of my macros and PLE everything works
and i’ll have to check but cubase 12 seems more reacting than 11