Cubase 12 pro activation - Music school & multiple worksation


I am in charge of the computer music department of a music school.
We have 8 computers with 8 edu authorizations on dongle. 4x cubase 11 pro and 4x cubase 10 pro.
The management of the installations/authorizations is very simple with the dongles. The licenses appear very clearly on my account.

I bought 4 updates from cubase 10 to 12 in december to take advantage of the grace period.

For the moment I haven’t installed anything yet and here are my questions:

  • With the new system, will I see my 4 C12 licenses appear distinctly and separately in the steinberg activation manager or in my account?
  • We have to get new macs soon… If I want to authorize/deauthorize a workstation, will the steinberg activation manager know exactly which license is attached to a specific workstation?


Interested in the answer.

Could someone from Steinberg answer my question?

Yes, they will appear as separate items in Steinberg Activation Manager. When you begin the grace period process, I would suggest getting in touch with me, because the existing process (receiving an email with a DAC) doesn’t handle multiple grace periods. I can supply you directly with the DACs to trigger the process.

No, Steinberg Activation Manager won’t, but the licenses and computers that use them will all be visible in the new self-service portal:

At the moment, the IDs of the computers are alphanumeric, but this will change to allow more human-readable (and customisable) machine names in the near future.

Thanks a lot for this Ben. I’ll get back to you when I start the process.