Cubase (12 Pro) always checking for licences?

Is cubase always looking for licences, is this a normal behaviour.
I´m on a fairly simple /short project (24 tracks VSTis, Audio and some FXs) and i noticed this on the task manager.

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FWIW the task manager display isn’t always up to date - have you refreshed it ?

Thats is true. Thanks for the tip.

just checked it on my system and I’m getting the same thing (minus your crashpad_handler.exe !)

Although it doesn’t mean that the process is ‘actually’ checking licenses - you’ll notice that any cubase cpu usage is contained within that process so it’s just some kind of (badly named) ‘parent process’ to cubase itself.


yep - it’s just a quirk of Task Manager - keep an eye on task manager whilst starting Cubase (expand the process tree) . Not sure of the inner workings of Task Manager but I think it’s getting confused about process IDs

“not problem”

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