Cubase 12 Pro and Gen 12 and 13

So I built my 13700 i7 system and applied the work around Stinberg suggested and it doesn’t seem to help quite that much. I set up an exact project on my 11700 i7, both systems using W11 fully updated, and with nothing happening the 11700 sits at 0%-2%. My 13700 bounces from 5-20% and I’m not doing anything.

I suppose it might be helpful to state the equip:
Intel 13700 cpu
Asus H770-Plus D4 motherboard
Silicone Power - DDR4 3200 (32 gb)
W11 home

Really hoping this gets resolved.

An “idle” PC is never idle.
Have you used Task Manager to check what is running in the background?
New machines are often plagued with useless bloatware running in the background.
Also, disable about everything “automatic” including updates. These are ~all triggering background tasks eating CPU cycles.

Y-D, yes I’ve done all that.

So far I believe the solution for me worked: Delete the stereo out bus in the audio connections. Recreate the bus and then save the file and reload the project.

Suddenly the bouncing is gone and at idle the meter is at 1-2% like normal.